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What are the different functions of different types of shoes?

Release time:2021-07-06 Source:Foshan meirenhui Trade Co., Ltd

Wearing different shoes together can change your temperament.
The functions of shoes are summarized as follows:
1. Function: wearing shoes can protect feet from external stimulation, such as stab, scratch, scald, frostbite, etc; Some specific effects can also be achieved by wearing shoes, such as increasing height.
2. Beauty: different seasons, different styles, through matching with clothing to make up appearance;
3. Symbolism: personal identity, wealth and strength can be reflected by the grade of shoes.
In addition, why choose shoes?
1 foot care: heel too high will make toes squeeze to the toe, causing toe injury and inflammation, such as hallux valgus, bursitis.
2 also because the high heel makes the calf muscles, ligaments in a tense contraction state, knee stiffness, and the ankle sprain.
3 small shoes will grind feet long corns or calluses, make people walk pain.
4 and airtight shoe can stuffy foot, get beriberi. He took off his shoes when he was a guest, and he was even more smelly and embarrassed.
5 waist and brain protection: flat shoes make people's center of gravity too backward, the body needs to lean forward to maintain balance, when walking, there is a sense of heel hitting the ground, vibration can also be transmitted to the brain. If the heel is too high, the toe metatarsals will have more stress and be squeezed, which will increase the stress of ankle and knee. The waist and abdomen must be straightened forward to maintain balance, which will easily lead to the strain of the muscles and ligaments of the waist and hip.
6 wear "flip flop" will be in order to balance the body forward, the waist naturally backward, over time will damage the spine.



Address:No.2 (address declaration) of Nanhai Xingzhi shoe material Co., Ltd., er Cang, Xinlian Industrial Zone, Lishui Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China

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