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Learn how to wear these three kinds of women's shoes to make you comfortable and beautiful

Release time:2021-07-06 Source:Foshan meirenhui Trade Co., Ltd

"Wear the right shoes"
In recent years, whether it is mixed with exquisite clothing, or a casual sports style, are greatly loved by people. How to choose the right sports shoes?
001 is suitable. Women tend to pay for shoes that "look beautiful, but are actually not easy to wear". When choosing sports shoes, softness, light texture and flexible foot feel should be taken as the first consideration. In addition, the protection of the ankle is also very important. It is suggested to throw away the slope heel sports shoes that show thick legs and are easy to sprain, and choose a pair of high top sports shoes, which can not only protect the ankle from injury, but also show the vitality of youth.
Try your shoes carefully. 3:00 to 6:00 in the afternoon is the best time to try on shoes, because there will be slight swelling in the feet at this time. If you choose the right size at this time, it will be comfortable to wear at other times of the day. At the same time, to put on socks to test shoes, it is best to wear cotton socks at ordinary times. If you use disposable silk stockings provided by the store, you should choose more than half of the size to give your feet enough space.
Keep it clean. White shoes are versatile and good-looking, but the problem is that they are easy to get dirty. A pair of dirty white shoes will give people a kind of sloppy feeling. In this regard, the author shared a tool to make white shoes clean instantly. An ordinary toothbrush and toothpaste are used to brush shoes, and they look brand new every minute. There is also a kind of sports shoes with leather on the market. It's easy to clean up, just a little vegetable oil or moisturizer.
"Choose the right high heels"
When women put on high-heeled shoes, they have the momentum to step on the world. High heels not only make women graceful and graceful, but also give full play to delicacy and taste. How to choose a pair of high-heeled shoes that are suitable for you and can highlight your temperament?
001 select the right height. 3-5cm basic high-heeled shoes are suitable for daily going out and commuting. Even if you need to run wildly occasionally, you can pull out your "shoes" and run. The 5-7cm high-heeled shoes are the most beautiful height, which can not only decorate the lines of legs, but also highlight the slim. There is also a kind of high-heeled shoes suitable for special occasions such as dance, performance or runway show. The heel height is 8-15cm or higher. This kind of height can enlarge the radian of the sexy foot and send out a strong attraction to the opposite sex, but not everyone can control it freely.
Choose the right style. Thin heel is the best way to highlight women's amorous feelings. It's a necessary weapon for gorgeous occasions such as dinners. If you can't control it, don't be depressed. Try thick soled thick heel shoes. Although less charming, but also freely access to a variety of occasions, not only that, thick base thick heel can give people a stable and capable, generous and decent impression, is the first choice for women in the workplace. If you want to be more youthful and lively, you can boldly try cone heeled shoes. The top of the heel of cone heeled shoes is wide, and the bottom is gradually narrow and thin. It combines the advantages of thin high heels and thick soled thick heels. The style is versatile. It can be said that it is a necessary high heel for every woman.
"Choose boots carefully"
In addition to sports shoes and high heels, boots are also a powerful tool to increase women's aura. Many people think that boots are versatile and beautiful, but in fact they are not. If you don't choose your boots well, your image will be greatly reduced, or even self defeating.
We should pay attention to coordination. First of all, in the choice of color to maintain coordination, neutral color and dark boots, with autumn and winter dark clothing, light or gorgeous boots, it is necessary to have the same color coat or accessories echo. A hair band, a scarf, are good accessories choice. Secondly, the ratio of the top to the bottom should also be coordinated. If the coat is very bulky, and a pair of small boots are used, it will appear that the top is heavy and the feet are light. In the pursuit of popular mix and match at the same time, we should also pay attention to the overall style can not be too different, after all, clothing is the protagonist, boots are only supporting role, don't lose too much.
002 combined with leg shape. If you are not tall, please don't choose the boots just below the calf, which will make you look shorter. If you have strong legs, please forget those elastic leather boots that are tightly strapped to your legs. Even if you force them in, they will only look thick. If the ankle is thick and the calf is thin, you should choose the boots with short tube and flared boots, which are round at the top. For women with knee valgus, it is suggested to choose elastic high-heeled boots, combine their own leg shape, develop their strengths and avoid their weaknesses, highlight their advantages and cover up their shortcomings.



Address:No.2 (address declaration) of Nanhai Xingzhi shoe material Co., Ltd., er Cang, Xinlian Industrial Zone, Lishui Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China

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