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RealName:Xu Meizhi



CompleteAddress:No.2 (address declaration) of Nanhai Xingzhi shoe material Co., Ltd., ercang, Xinlian Industrial Zone, Lishui Town Nanhai District Foshan Guangdong


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Meiren women's shoes, originated from European design style, fashion atmosphere of personalized style, elegant and comfortable, unique happiness characteristics, is the pursuit of fashion career women's favorite choice, is the preferred brand of high-end women's shoes in China. Meiren takes "fashion, health, comfort and elegance" as its design concept, and is committed to meeting the needs of young customers and senior white-collar workers who pursue fashion frontier. Meiren women's shoes are favored by young fashion people and high-income women with international style design, excellent quality and high-quality service, And will provide more Chinese consumers with happy shoes because of the unique brand positioning and fashion pioneer wearing concept!



Address:No.2 (address declaration) of Nanhai Xingzhi shoe material Co., Ltd., er Cang, Xinlian Industrial Zone, Lishui Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China

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